A week ago today, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and I am doing great!

I’m writing this blog from my phone in my first detox bath since I started treatment. Today is day 4 and it has been my best day so far. My arms and hands don’t hurt, I haven’t had a headache all day, and honestly, I have been in a fairly good mood. My good mood came from a sermon that I heard two days in a row. I’m going to sum it up for you because I think someone needs to hear this…..

“Faith that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted.” – Pastor Jeremy Foster

“Faith that cannot be tested, cannot be trusted.” Now, non believers just here me out. Do just skip this post. You might find something in this that you can relate to. You see, Faith is believing without seeing. I cannot see God. I can’t hear Him, I can’t touch Him, I can’t smell Him, but I believe. But faith to me is so much bigger then seeing or not seeing God anymore. When Jesus broke bread with His disciples, He blessed the bread first, broke the bread and then He multiplied the bread. Just like when He fed all those people on the mountain. Bless, break, multiple. It’s a pattern. I love patterns. I look it them in everything I do. My relationship with my fiancé (2 years getting to know eachother, 4 years together before we moved in, 6th year was the hardest year of our relationship, 8th year we bought a house and got engaged and 10 year almost to the date we will be getting married. 2,4,6,8,10 see the pattern?) I know. I’m crazy but it’s who I am. So anyways, back to my point. God has been blessing me this year. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of bad happening, but I’m focusing on the blessings. Now, I have entered my period of breaking and it will lead to my period of multiplication. What will the multiplication be? Idk, but if God is behind it, it has to be good.

….but if God is behind it, it has to be good.”

So what are the detox baths? Well, I start off with clean, conditioned warm water. We got a water softener in our home a year ago because we knew it would be good for my health. Then, I add epsom salt and then I just soak here and write blogs! (Lol)

The detox bath is suppose to help pull out all the toxins that the Lyme cells disperse in the body when they are being broken down. Epsom salt helps detox the body and pull away all the toxins to help me not have such a bad Herx crisis. I did go to Earthfare the other day and picked up this mix! It’s amazing! The lavender is so calming and it adds a nice touch to this bath, since I’m not sure if I am allowed to use bath bombs right now (lol).

No I know all of you want more education and an explanation of the medication and what they are suppose to do. I will be doing a blog about that soon. I really just want this blog to be a out the journey and not so much of the logistics, even though the logistics are important for understanding and spreading awareness.

That’s for all the love and support and please share this journey, you don’t know who on your feed needs to hear good news during Lyme disease!

This is day 4.

God bless you all

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  1. Christine Cardaci says:

    When I’m sick I soak in a hot bath with unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the Mother. Will that be helpful for you? I’m so happy that you are feeling good. I’ve learned so much from your blogs already 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Idk, I’m going to look it up and see! Thank and I hope that they are helping people. Want to get some videos up next!


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