Day one: I got through with no tears shed!


I never thought this would be my life, but yet, here I am…..

It’s the end of day one of the journey through Lyme for me. Well to be honest, it is day two right now when I am typing this up. It’s about 2 am, insomnia is a killer, and I have “The Greatest Showman” album playing through my pink Beats by Dre headphones. My fiancé is passed out next to me, Eva (my boxer) is at my feet and I honestly don’t know where Echo (my husky) is. But I am at peace at this time. Not only did we spend a nice weekend with our closes friends, but I made it past day one. I never though this would be my life, but yet, here I am, on a medication regimen that I am so hoping I can follow and not miss a day, not over complicate and can afford to do the next 6 months.

What does day one mean? Well, I started my medication today. Which is a big deal, especially for someone like me. You see, I am a nurse. I see what chronic use of medications can do to someone. I have always been against taking medication. Why? Well, every time a doctor has prescribed my medications in the past for a condition that they couldn’t explain that I had, I always had adverse reactions to them. One story that comes to mind brings me back to the beginning of my journey. The fatigue was getting bad. I had just finished graduating with my BSN in nursing from the University of Florida and I just was so tired. There were days that I would sleep for 16 hours and I would still only get out of bed for 30 minutes before it was back to bed to sleep more. The migraines were getting really bad, the sleep paralyzes was turning into some weird shaky thing the doctors could not explain and I was afraid to sleep but also afraid to be awake. While awake my head hurt so bad some days that I literally would ask God to just take me out and when it was time to sleep I didn’t know if what we nicknames “night terrors” would happen. My PCP at the time sent me to a neurologist for the migraines. I broke down in his office because I just couldn’t take the pain. He prescribed me a medication called Sumatriptan. Later that week I had a bad migraine, so I took the dose of the medication I needed to take. My breathing got heavy, my left arm went numb, my fingers were tingling and my jaw got tight. When I called my PCP on the emergency line to see if I had to go to the hospital, she literally asked me “Is your headache gone?” Well first, a headache and a migraine are different. And yes, it was gone but dang, I feel like I am having a heart attack. She then told me “ This is normal, just take half a pill next time.” Let’s just say, I didn’t go back to either doctor after that.

So medication and me, we are not good friends…..

bunch of white oval medication tablets and white medication capsules
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So medications and me, we are not good friends. For emergencies yes, we need them. But I do believe more in holistic paths and using food as medicine.  (and before you start chewing me up in the comment section, yes I know there certain conditions, like Lyme, that there is just no other choice then medications. But this is my blog and I am just trying to put context of my mind and though process so you can see why taking this many medications is hard for me).  

We got home really late Sunday morning. I was the designated driver for my fiancé and his friends and we were at a party for the McGregor UFC fight. I got home, I grabbed my medication instructions and I took out the medications I would be taking that day. I took them super early in the morning on Sunday, 330am to be exact, because I figured I would rather be asleep if I was going to feel any side effects from them. Plus, I wouldn’t be up until super late anyways. I recorded a video explaining very briefly about the medications I was taking and then, down the hatched they went.

I didn’t cry like I though I was going to. By this time, I had spent three days crying on and off about the news so I think I was just ready. I was actually excited to start. I figured it was either keep living the way I was living or start the treatment for the condition I waited five years to get figured out and get to a better place.

Now, I will be doing a blog all about the medications that I am taking so I won’t go to into detail here but Day one consisted on Minocycline, an antibiotic that treats the spirochetes of Lyme, Valacyclovir, another antibitotic that treats the same but also the cyst of Lyme and Nystatin which is an antifungal that are going to help prevent yeast but also treat cyst of Lyme. The doctor has me one the first three days only taking one of each the Mino and Vala but that turns into two on day four and beyond.

I also have to start keeping a diary of my symptoms because if I am not getting better, I am going to need to change up medications. (I will also be doing a blog on how Lyme effects my life and when all this started soon.)

I purposely didn’t look up any of the side effect of these medications because I really do believe in the whole mind over matter theory. If I don’t know what these drugs adverse reactions are, I won’t be looking for the side effects in my own body. Now, one of the doctors I work with did tell me that Mino causes hair growth. I am so hoping that if that is the case, I will be seeing it in the right places. As much as I love her character as the bearded lady in “The Greatest Showman” , I don’t want a beard on my wedding day. It doesn’t go with my dress! Today, the only thing I noticed was a little upset stomach, but I also have been eating everything I love the last few days since tomorrow I start my very restrictive diet, which I will be talking about on the day two blog.

Well folks, thanks for coming back and reading about my journey with Lyme. I cannot promise that I will have every single day up, but what I do promise to be raw, real and open about my journey because I know that God will use this storm in my life to help one of you reading or someone you know that needs to hear my story.

Today is day one.


I will be taking a picture every day of my journey so we all can see how I progress and change over the next 6 months of treatment. Here is day one picture, heading to brunch with friend. 

God bless you all.


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  1. Benita says:

    You are amazing, girl! I am so sorry that you are going through this. Love you and definitely praying for you.


  2. Christine Cardaci says:

    Jessica, my earliest memory of you is when I interviewed you for a Nicu Clin Tech position when you were a clin tech in the ED at APH! You were so determined to get the job! I loved your passion, perseverance and determination! Think of all you have accomplished since the day we met! Use the same determination to attack this illness!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Diana says:

    I am proud of you baby girl. God bless you always. God is right there beside you in this storm the battle is already won.

    Liked by 1 person

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